Musethica  is a non-profit organization that introduces a new approach of teaching classical music performance to the higher education system:
It allows a carefully selected group of young musicians the opportunity to perform concerts regularly as part of their education.

The concerts are mostly performed to audiences that do not usually attend concert halls. After a strict preparation together with their musical mentors, the young musicians perform in different social venues in the local community such as kindergartens and schools, institutions of special education, hospitals, psychiatric centers, centers for the disabled people, immigration centers, women’s shelters, social enterprises, homeless centers and many other social and humanitarian organizations. A relatively small number of concerts are performed in traditional concerts halls.

The students are mentored by internationally prominent musicians, who teach and perform with them in the different ensembles and solo works.

All young musicians who participate in the Musethica program show an impressive progress in their ability as instrumentalists and musicians.


Musethica brings classical music out of the concert halls into the daily life of people. It helps musicians understand that being an excellent musician means playing for everyone, and having the ability to convince any kind of public of the beauty of music.

Musethica has a commitment to excellence and quality. The concerts are comprised of the finest repertoire of classical music.

The Musethica concept was conceived by the violist Avri Levitan. It was officially launched in 2012 in Zaragoza Spain, under the auspices of Professor Carmen Marcuello. Musethica is now active in different countries with organizations located in Berlin, Beijing, Tel Aviv and Zaragoza and is spreading around the world. Over 250 concerts with musicians from 14 nations have been performed in since its foundation in 2012.



Ori Wissner Levy , violin

Avri Levitan, viola

Michal Beck, cello



9:30             Group home:  Elderly people with disabilities.

11:00           Group home:  Elderly care



10.00           Group home: Adults with different special needs/disabilities

11:30           Refugee home for young boys.